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Professionals with more than 30 years experience in EAS/VEA products for Loss Prevention, RFID, Source Tagging Programs, CCTV, and many other innovations for manufacturers, distribution centers and retailers.


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Helping retailers grow profitably



Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility. Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and the shopper’s experience.

Checkpoint’s solutions are built upon 45 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss-prevention solutions, market-leading RFID hardware, software, and comprehensive labeling capabilities, to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf. Checkpoint’s customers benefit from increased sales and profits by implementing merchandise availability solutions, to ensure the right merchandise is available at the right place and time when consumers are ready to buy.

Checkpoint and its divisions Alpha and Meto, offer a large diversity of products in LATAM region for manufacturers and retailers, for more than 30 years.

Part of Kronnix management personnel has been responsible for this development in the region for more than two decades.


ALPHA has provided retailers with the most innovative and technically advanced products engineered to protect high-theft merchandise. ALPHA delivers uncompromising security, ease-of-use for store associates, and aesthetics that complement the merchandise it protects.

Best of all, you will see an ROI in less than twelve months. On November 1, 2007 the S3 line of Alpha was acquired by Checkpoint Systems.
 Alpha product solutions are technology agnostic, designed to complement any EAS system, whether AM, RF, or EM technology, as well as those not using EAS.

The focus is exclusively on protecting high-risk merchandise, pioneering the “Open Display” security philosophy. This provides retailers a safe way to bring merchandise from behind locked cabinets and openly display it. This also allows to increase sales from suppliers to retailers…

All Alpha customers have seen immediate success resulting in increased sales and decreased theft, simultaneously.



Over the past 55 years, METO has repeatedly invented sales promotion and merchandise labeling solutions that continue to define today’s standard practice in the retail sector. METO is committed to developing solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use. As such, these solutions meet the requirements of a retail sector which faces constant change and which operates according to the motto: time is money.

The Meto brand epitomizes quality and durability, providing the industry with the solutions it needs to most effectively reach its customers.

Meto owes some of its success to the fact that it has been working closely with the retail and manufacturing industry since the very beginning. This relationship enables to continue developing innovative concepts for the customers.

Hand-labeling and sales promotion systems from Meto make it possible for retailers to inform customers of prices, promotions, product origins and use-by dates in an effective manner and to better communicate all types of information that promotes sales.


As Master Distributor of Checkpoint Systems for Latin America and the Caribbean, our commitment to our customers is to help them to grow profitably, giving them the opportunity to climb to new technological solutions through progressive and dynamic platforms.

Therefore, in addition to the Checkpoint, Meto, and Alpha products, we offer additional products and solutions in order to meet the local requests of many manufacturers, distribution centers and retailers in the region. In reference to these solutions, we offer iCRM and POP products in strategic ways for customers with goals in innovation processes. With an expertise of almost 30 years in the supply chain and retail industry, Kronnix developed new solutions with scalable concepts to enhance manufacturing procedures, improve commercial processes, upgrade and update store hardware, and evolve improving the shopping experience of the end shoppers in a store.

In addition, our ECO Concept helps our customers to grow profitably in a green and eco-friendly manner, according to the needs of the modern times, saving electric energy power and using environmentally friendly materials for our planet’s resources.




Industrial RFID for Logistics has become a key factor in our core business.

Kronnix provides industrial RFID tracking solutions for factories, distribution centers, transportation centers, heavy loading of products or item level reading; providing efficient visibility to organizations that want to secure and optimize their methods, process and operations at a general or specific level.

Manufacturers, DC, transport companies, wholesalers and retailers connected to a efficient electronic-based supply chain can finally enjoy real benefits, saving costs and making their stocking, delivery, reception and safe repositioning of products much more efficient in their locations, wherever they may be in the world.

Enjoy our wide range of RFID tags, guards, seals and labels specially designed for each specific use.


New EAS-RFID integrated System

The new full solution for stores: The unique Checkpoint-Kronnix EAS-RFID system.

Improve the security, visibility and tracking of your products with a single and unique Checkpoint EAS-RFID NEO System with HALO Plattform, and EAS-RFID dual labels.

Only Radio Frequency technology can provide this full solution with a simple, flexible, discreet and low cost label.

Be ready for the new intelligent store by adding the new intelligent EAS-RFID Checkpoint-Kronnix solution to improve your operation and commercial activity in a practical and efficient way, adding value to the in-store shopping experience.



The best of Radio Frequency technology in one label solution: UNO Label.

Improve the security and tracking of your products with a single and intelligent label, compatible with RF EAS and RFID Source Tagging applications.



This new label allows retailers to protect metallic products and packaging using the same RF EAS Systems, including actual Source Tagging applications.



Evolve to a higher level of shrink management and operational excellence

Checkpoint introduced its EVOLVE platform specifically to help retailers and their suppliers reduce shrink, improve merchandise availability, and leverage real-time data in ways never before possible. Through a combination of new and advanced software, electronics and firmware upgrades, EVOLVE delivers new functionality and features without costly upgrades. The system helps retailers combat shrink, increase shelf availability and achieve operational excellence to improve their bottom-line performance. With EVOLVE ECO electronics, energy consumption is reduced by up to 75 percent providing significant savings to retailers.

Modular approach to system expansion – Scalable to more…

The EVOLVE system, reflecting its name, is designed to evolve with a retailer’s business. This highly extensible platform was engineered from its conception to provide a clear upgrade path to add new capabilities such as RFID, advanced networking, booster bag detection and easy integration with other loss prevention systems. Scalability is the basis of the design of the Evolve platform.



Operations in 24 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean