Source Tagging


Checkpoint RF simplifies Source Tagging

Checkpoint’s RF labeling expertise makes it easy. Checkpoint offers a range of resources including proprietary RF-EAS/RFID technology and global sourcing, as well as convenient ordering, design services and experienced engineering support for high-speed application.

In retail stores around the world, radio frequency (RF) Source Tagging consistently reduces losses due to shoplifting and employee theft. Invisible and tamper-resistant, RF-EAS Source Tagging offers uncompromising protection that studies show can increase profitability an additional 25 percent over the shrink reduction savings created by RF-EAS alone. Source Tagging reduces labor costs associated with manual tagging by providing floor-ready, secure merchandise.

Source Tagging is a win-win for Retailers and Manufacturers

  • Better product placement
  • More aggressive merchandising
  • Open display for many items
  • Improved item availability for shoppers
  • More accurate POS inventory data to trigger reorders

Checkpoint’s RF-EAS technology is ideal for Source Tagging

Paper-thin RF-EAS tags can be embedded seamlessly virtually anywhere on any product, inside branded tags or in any type of packaging. They can be applied at production line speeds and can be overprinted with variable data. Many packaging partners are certified to apply Checkpoint RF-EAS labels.

Checkpoint’s Enhanced Performance (EP) labels are more environmentally friendly than traditional labels; they contain less aluminium, less paper and less plastic.


Checkpoint’s RF labeling expertise makes it easy

A pioneer in RF technology with more than 40 years of experience, Checkpoint provides unparalleled support for source tagging, including:

  • Product analysis for optimal tag placement
  • Make-ready program to assist in the start-up process
  • On site support for equipment/process certification and initial production runs

Some of the world’s best known brands trust Checkpoint to help them provide floor-ready, secured consumer packaged goods.

Count on Checkpoint and Kronnix for

  • Integrated security solutions
  • Customizable, timely printing
  • Streamlined ordering and delivery
  • Expert guidance and easy implementation
  • Solutions that leverage technology investments
  • Single-source convenience and cost advantages
  • Scale and upgrade EAS Source Tagging to EPC-RFID application
  • RF and AM Source Tagging updated programs

Checkpoint’s diversified services and product lines help manufacturers and retailers increase productivity, reduce shrinkage losses, enhance merchandising and customer service, and increase sales while meeting budget requirements and delivery deadlines.

Hard Goods

Checkpoint’s RF source-tagging technology offers virtually unlimited solutions for hard goods.

Our RF security tags effectively protect a range of products that includes:

  • Auto supplies
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Computer software
  • Consumer electronics and small appliances
  • Health and beauty care items
  • Power and hand tools
  • Sporting goods
  • And much more

RF source tagging allows placement flexibility:

  • Within or on the product itself
  • Inside product packaging
  • Seamlessly integrated into a hang tag, wrap tag, or other package schemes

For a review of specific tag recommendations and placement options for your product, please contact us at

Nine elements for successful source tagging

Our RF source tagging meets the nine elements necessary for successful source tagging as reported in a survey by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP). These are:

  • Acceptable percentage of functional tags
  • Appropriate location to ensure visibility of product/promotional information
  • Consistent placement to ensure effective POS deactivation
  • Reliable placement to discourage unauthorized removal
  • Cost-effective manual and automatic ST application
  • Internal or external application available
  • Visible or invisible tagging available
  • Inaccessibility to eliminate unauthorized removal
  • Integration into product to maximize EAS benefits and/or accommodate RFID applications

Soft Goods

Get fashions on the selling floor faster

In today’s fast-paced fashion world, the time between identifying trends and getting goods on the retail floor is measured in weeks, not months.

As a “one-stop shop” for source tagging, from lightweight, paper-thin RF security circuits to Check-Net online on-demand service bureau capabilities, we save customers time and ensure that they can move floor-ready, securing your merchandise through the supply chain quickly.

Seamlessly integrate security into a wide range of apparel ticket formats:

  • Price tickets
  • Promotional hang tags
  • Pocket flashers
  • Fold-over joker tags
  • Uni-F.I.T.™ Universal Fully Integrated Tags
  • Woven garment labels

Checkpoint simplifies source tagging

Source tags can be applied at any of several points in the supply chain. Checkpoint offers a solution that makes sense for you, including:

  • Adhesive labels and standardized hang tags with RF EAS circuits
  • Integrated RF EAS apparel tickets and labels/bags
  • Custom solutions, such as eyeglass wraps and jewelry cards
  • Laser/thermal printers for in-house overprinting
  • RF tag applicators
  • Comprehensive tag/label conversion
  • Variable data management
  • Worldwide network of service bureaus
  • Check-Net Online ordering through Kronnix for LATAM